All of our inspectors have ample industry experience and are skilled and qualified in their respective fields of expertise, either as a building inspector conducting pre-purchase building inspections, new home construction inspections, pest inspections or smoke alarm inspections. By having this range of knowledgeable inspectors, we can ensure the most suitably experienced team member can conduct your inspections.



Pre Purchase Building

These inspections are critical for any serious buyer to make an informed decision prior to purchasing any property. Our reports clearly detail all structural defects, any safety issues in the property as well as minor defects.

Timber Pest

These inspections locate any timber pest activity at the property including from Termites, Borers and fungal decay. Timber pest can cause extreme damage to a property without any obvious tell tale signs so it is highly recommended engaging a professional to inspect your next property prior to signing contracts!

Pre slab/footings

This is conducted immediately before concrete is poured to check that all engineering plans have been followed including the footings are the correct size, steel reinforcement is adequate, drainage is completed etc. in our opinion the pre slab is the most critical stage of any build because it’s very hard to make any improvements once it’s been completed and quite often failure isn’t realised for many years, often once the new home warranty has expired.

Frame stage

This stage is completed once the frame is completed, at this stage we check that the frame has been completed as per Australian standards. Particular attention is paid to ensure that all load points are adequately supported, bracing has been completed and tie downs are securely fixed in position. During this inspection we check over 30 different items of the frame to ensure a good quality job has been completed.

Lock up stage/pre plaster

This inspection is completed at either lock up stage or pre plaster. The main purpose of this inspection is to ensure all services have been completed, insulation has been installed to all required areas and that any defects that were noted at frame stage have been repaired prior to plaster, we also check the roof and ensure the house is water tight at this inspection.

Fix out inspection

This inspection takes place after plastering has been completed and the waterproofing of bathrooms has taken place. The biggest items checked at this stage are th waterproofing of the wet areas and remaining lock up items if weren’t completed at preplaster stage. This is typically a very quick inspection.

Completion stage

At this inspection we complete our standard building inspection and report on all aspects of the building. This report is often used by the builder as a final defects list for them to repair prior to handover so it is critical that a comprehensive report be completed Hence this being our most time consuming inspection of around 1 hour on site plus report writing.

Investigative reports

At landmark inspections we have building inspectors with a range of experience, one inspector has over 30 years plumbing experience, another has mainly renovation experience on period homes for over 25 years and another has mostly new home experience of almost 20 years. This means that we have the in-house experience to investigate, problem solve and report on any specific building issues that you may be experiencing and are trying to get to the bottom of. Please give us a call to discuss and we will be happy to help.



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