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How to prepare your property for an inspection?

An Australian property owner whose getting ready to sell their personal property will need to anticipate an inspection. Inspections can often make owners feel anxious, and sometimes they have a good reason for feeling anxious because they may not have prepared. Fortunately, it is easy to prepare yourself for an inspection.

As a home owner, it is worth understanding that an inspection isn’t about labelling your property with a “Pass” or “Fail.” Regardless of who requests an inspection, the building inspection company in Melbourne is an unbiased party whose job is to assess your property’s condition.

Buyers and sellers should invest in a property inspection to identify potential issues or defects before moving forward. Sellers should order a building inspection to ensure that the condition is good with no major defects. However, if there are issues, they can ask the seller to fix them or avoid buying the property.

The focus on major defects

The primary focus of a property inspector has to do with substantial defects. If you are aware of defects, ensure that they are addressed ahead of the inspection. Though don’t try covering up the defect with a temporary fix. Our inspectors, for instance, are trained to spot partially repaired areas or defects.

A couple of major defects may include mould, mildew, issues with drainage, and an unstable foundation. Also on our checklist includes defective flooring framework, deteriorated brickwork, loose roof coverings, moisture in the crawl spaces, usually under the building or the roof cavity.

Check minor details

Once the major defects have been inspected, we will usually start looking at minor details; these are details that people don’t mind. However, they are as important as the significant defects when working on a tight budget. That’s why you will want to look for them ahead of time. The details can be anything from broken glass to faulty wires, faulty gutters, seal cracks, defective screens, or broken hinges.

Property owners often ignore minor defects. But you will want to address these issues.

Improve appearance

It is worth impressing buyers with aesthetically pleasing property. The same goes for an inspector. If your property is visually appealing, it reassures buyers that it’s well taken care of. That’s why it would be worth investing in a beauty enhancement procedure.

The procedure will include clearing up clutter, cleaning the garden, repairing the interior and parts of the exterior. Keep things clean and remove everything that’s unnecessary. The goal is to make it look like an organized home.

Get your documents in order

Buyers will want to check the official documents for the building. That’s why you will want to ensure that every property-related certificate and document is easily accessible. Generally, it will include a property title, certificate of ownership, and some council-related documents. Also, assemble warranties and other documents related to repairs.

Building inspections can become scary for the unprepared building owner. If you need expert assistance to help prepare your property for an inspection, get in touch with Landmark Inspections. Contact us to book an inspection today.