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Testing for meth (ICE) in a property

Landmark Inspections is again ahead of the industry and one of the first property inspection businesses to offer a laboratory screening method to test for Meth (Ice) contamination in a property.

This is revolutionary for the property inspection industry in Australia and will become a standard within the next 5 years, where property owners are to prove that contamination of their property that is to either be sold or tenanted is not contaminated by the residue of meth. This is already a requirement in New Zealand and we anticipate Australia will follow suit shortly.

Meth screening of residential properties will become a requirement due to the rampant use of this drug throughout the community and the health risks imposed to residents living within a contaminated home. These health concerns can include skin rashes, allergy like symptoms, headaches and respiratory problems and can affect all occupants.

Contamination of homes occurs when the drug has been manufactured in the property or when the drug is smoked in the property. The chemical residue left over from these activities leaves a toxic cocktail throughout all soft furnishings including curtains, carpets, air transfer units and in severe cases plasterboard and cabinetry.

The repair costs to decontaminate a property can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. For this reason we recommend conducting a meth screening test prior to any property purchase and also of your investment properties between tenants, so you know if the property has been contaminated by the tenants and they can pay for decontamination works.

At Landmark Inspections, our screening process involves taking up to 16 samples from around the property and having them analysed in a laboratory, the lab then provides us with a detailed report of the level of contamination in the property. Contact us today and book a meth screening test at your property.