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What is a timber inspection?

A timber pest inspection is conducted to identify any pest activity or conditions that attract pests including termites, borers and fungal decay.

The impact timber pests can have on a property, and the costly repairs they can lead to, make these inspections vital when purchasing any property. A timber pest inspection ensures there is no activity evident and rectifies conditions that enable pests, preventing a potential infestation.

A good pre-purchase timber pest inspection will:
– Identify any previous damage.
– Detect timber pest activity.
– Advise if any termite treatments have been completed at the property.
– Uncover any conducive conditions that could lead to an infestation.

All good reports will clearly list any issues identified at the property and include clear details, along with photos for further clarity in the report.

Contact us today to arrange an inspection of your next property. We liaise directly with the real estate agent to arrange access and provide you with the full detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.