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What to look for in a new construction home inspection?

Expectations vs. Reality. What to Look for in a New Construction Home Inspection.

Owning your own house is a thrilling experience in and of itself. Even though you probably have high expectations and optimism going into the process, it’s important to be informed of the potential risks and make sure you are adequately covered against liability for defects or other difficulties that may arise from your builder’s work.

The fact that standards can vary greatly between builders and that a lot can go wrong during the intricate construction process is an unfortunate reality. There is a possibility that owner expectations will differ from what their builder provides at each level.

However, without first-hand building knowledge, how can an owner be certain that the quality of their construction is acceptable?

As part of an independent new construction inspection, an outside expert will assess properties at various stages of construction to look for instances of noncompliance or poor craftsmanship, as well as unfinished projects and potential safety issues.

The goal of an independent house construction inspection is to give the owner peace of mind throughout the construction process. They will ensure that the builder and their team are held accountable and will help to effectively resolve any concerns or disputes.

The following are some examples of unexpected scenarios that may occur during the construction of a new home, as well as how an independent new home inspection can assist in avoiding or resolving the various issues involved.

Potential issues that may occur during a home construction inspection

Non-compliance with building codes

While it is tempting to believe that any reputable builder will automatically follow relevant Australian standards, codes, and regulations, this is not always the case. An independent new home inspection will ensure that your builder’s work meets all standards and that he or she is properly accredited, licensed, and insured.

Defects in the structure

By organizing your building inspection, you can be confident that at least one expert involved in the construction of your new home is working solely on your behalf to ensure the integrity of the building and outline any building defects.

Your expert building inspector will be on-site at several critical points throughout the project’s timeline. For example, after building the wall and roof frames, inspect the overall quality of the frame before applying plaster.

Following each inspection, detailed reports will be created outlining the problems discovered and offering recommendations on how to best resolve them. If a builder fails to meet their contractual obligations, they must correct the situation within a reasonable time frame to avoid further action.

Poor quality workmanship

The construction of a new home involves several often-complex steps, with various contractors coming and going throughout the process. It is impossible to overstate the importance of having checks performed by an independent expert with extensive knowledge of the entire process.

Your inspector will look for compliance and a reasonable level of quality in all aspects of the construction, including brickwork, carpentry, paint, plaster, waterproofing, and insulation.

Poor communication issues

Sometimes the only source of problems is poor communication between a homeowner and their builder. As a result, having the ability to involve an unbiased expert in the matter can be quite beneficial when attempting to reach a pleasing conclusion.

Cost and time overruns

Unfortunately, the new home construction business is far too prone to substantial delays and cost overruns. Regular project milestone inspections ensure that everything is moving along smoothly, hold the builder responsible for any unauthorized costs, and make sure that any issue delaying the project is dealt with as soon as possible.

Future issues

Faults that are overlooked or dismissed by some during construction can wreak havoc on a property for years to come. Bowed slabs and floors, shoddy brickwork, and leaning walls may not be a major concern right now, but they can cause significant and costly problems in the future.

A trained eye is required to walk through a property to identify not only existing problems but also issues that have the potential to cause major defects in the future. These types of issues are frequently not easily attributable to the builder after a significant amount of time has passed.

Of course, this means that without the assistance of an independent inspector, you may find yourself liable for the cost of avoidable and costly future repairs.

Holding back the last instalments

If owners are unsure that any flaws found during earlier inspections have been adequately fixed, they may understandably be hesitant to give their builder the final stage payment. Withholding payment, however, may result in further or intensified arguments between the owner and the builder, perhaps leading to lengthy delays.

The findings of the inspections carried out at each stage of construction can be enough to convince the builder to take care of the issue and support the owner’s decision to refuse payment.

Conciliation as a method of conflict resolution

In owner/builder disputes, legal action should be used only as a last resort. An independent building inspection report can assist a property owner in submitting a claim to Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBRV).

Rather than going to the Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal, this government body will attempt to reach an agreement between parties through a conciliation process (VCAT).

Legal action

Unfortunately, some disputes between owners and builders cannot be resolved through negotiation or conciliation, prompting one party to sue the other. Building consultants should have the qualifications and experience necessary to prepare expert reports for VCAT or court, as well as the ability to testify at a hearing if necessary.

Hiring a home inspector for new construction projects is essential for owners who want extra assurance in the quality of the construction. Fundamentally, the ability to rely on sound and reliable information about the condition of a new home and the quality of construction at various stages of construction positions the owner to seek the best outcome if and when a problem arises.

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