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General terms of tenancy safety inspections

This agreement is between Landmark Inspections and the client pertaining to a gas/electrical/smoke alarm assessment.

  1. Landmark Inspections will provide a report detailing any defects identified at the inspection within 1 business day of the inspection being carried out.
  2. Inspections include all fixed and permanent accessible fixtures and fittings within the dwelling. The inspection of any tenant supplied or non-permanent fixtures or fittings as well as any solar installations is not included.
  3. Landmark Inspections is not liable for the rectification of defects identified during the inspection excluding limited minor repairs as listed below.
  4. The client authorises additional minor repairs works up to a value of $250.00 to address issues to ensure property meets safety compliance requirements.
  5. If major or significant defects are observed at the time of inspection, the attending inspector may at their sole discretion provide a quote for these works.
  6. If the inspector recommends a 3rd party to complete additional works at the property to the property manager or property owner, The client agrees to not hold Landmark Inspections responsible or liable for these works performed by the 3rd party.
  7. If unsafe conditions are observed at the time of inspection the inspector will take action to make the situation safe, if a simple make-safe action is not possible and significant works are required, the property manager will be contacted and advised of the situation. If the decommissioning of an appliance is required to make-safe, additional charges may apply.
  8. Any fees are due and payable within 30 days of the service for all invoices being paid by agencies.
  9. The client hereby authorises the property management agent to pay Landmark Inspections on their behalf inrespect to all fees due.
  10. If the property is self managed or clause 8 of this agreement is not agreed to, all fees and payments are due within7 days and no reports will be issued to the client prior to full payment being received.
  11. If Landmark Inspections has been engaged by the property management agent of your property, if the agreementbetween property owner and agent ceases, the agreement between Landmark Inspections and the property owner will cease. If you would like continued coverage of our service, you must advise us of any changes to the management of the property within 7 days.
  12. The report has been completed for use of the sole client only and should not be relied upon by any third party.
  13. The report must not be on-sold or passed on to any other person or organisation without written consent fromLandmark Inspections unless the client is required to under legislation.
  14. Landmark Inspections will not be held liable for any and all claims from any person or organisation that may arisefrom the unauthorised sale or reliance of the report.
  15. All recommendations within the report should be acted on as a matter of urgency by the client.
  16. Landmark Inspections shall not be responsible for the implementation of any repairs or recommendations providedin the report nor liable for any losses associated with not acting upon these recommendations within a timelymanner.
  17. The client indemnifies Landmark Inspections against;
    1. Any minor or major defects that were not evident by visual inspection at the time the inspection was completed.
    2. Any third party losses or claims for use of the inspection report
    3. Any damages caused as a result of recommendations within the report
    4. Any claims against the inspector if they were engaged by the client in respect to additional works outside the scope of this inspection service.
  1. Landmark Inspections will not be held liable for any delay in service directly or indirectly resulting from circumstances beyond the control of Landmark Inspections, this includes but is not limited to natural disaster, government regulation including pandemic lock downs, telecommunication/electrical faults, wars or severe weather events.
  2. You acknowledge that these terms and conditions may change from time to time including the fee structure. All changes will be updated on the company website for your review.
  3. Termination of service
    1. The service will be suspended upon non payment of fees by the due date and terminated permanently if full payment is not received within 14 days after the due date.
    2. Upon suspension or termination for any reason, all fees will be due and payable immediately.
    3. In the event that a service is terminated, if the service is reestablished, an initial one off fee will be charged to the client upon re-engagement of our services.
    4. In the event that the agent is no longer managing the property, any outstanding fees will fall due and payable immediately by the client.
    5. Upon suspension or termination Landmark Inspections accepts no risk or liability regarding your ongoing compliance obligations for the installation, repair or ongoing maintenance of the items that Landmark Inspections is required to ordinarily assess as part of the original services. All risk and liability is immediately assumed and accepted by the client.
  4. Scope of inspection and limitations
  5. Inspection will be carried out on all accessible and permanent fixtures, fittings and appliances supplied by theproperty owner. Any tenant supplied or non permanent fixtures, fittings and appliances will not be inspected.
  6. Solar installations are not inspected.
  7. Owner corporation areas, common property areas and strata areas are excluded from the report and notinspected.
  8. An Inspection report may be conditional on:
    1. Prevailing weather conditions or recent occupancy and use of services that might affect observations.
    2. Information provided by the client or the agents of the client.
    3. Deliberate concealment of defects.
    4. Any other relevant factor limiting the inspection.
    5. If upon arrival at the property the tenant does not permit entry, the inspector shall immediately leave the property. Landmark Inspections is not liable nor accepts any responsibility for any issues that arise as a result of lack of inspection/servicing at the property.
  9. Any new booking request will be actioned within 2 business days and booked directly with the tenant for the most suitable time as soon as practicable with both parties involved.
  10. All inspections will be booked with a 2 hour window between Monday – Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm.
  1. Reasonable access to the property is detailed in AS 4349.1 – 2007 as;
  2. The extent of accessible areas shall be determined by the inspector at the time of inspection based on theconditions encountered at that time. The inspection shall include only accessible areas and areas that are within the inspectors line of sight and close enough to enable reasonable appraisal. Reasonable access includes a prerequisite that the minimum clearances specified in the table below are safely available;
    Roof interior: 400mm x 500mm access hole; 600mm x 600mm crawl space; and accessible from a 3.6m ladder. Roof exterior: Accessible from a 3.6m ladder placed on the ground.Sub Floor Area: 400mm x 500mm access hole; 400mm x 500mm crawl space.
    Reasonable access does not include the cutting of access holes or the removal of screws and bolts or any other fastenings or sealants to access covers.
    Sub floor areas sprayed with chemicals are not to be inspected unless it is safe to do so.
    Areas where reasonable entry is denied to the inspector or where reasonable access is not available are excluded from and do not form part of the inspection or report.
    Access limitations may include;
    Legal right of entry, locked doors/windows, security systems, floor/wall coverings, Insulation/sarking, pets, furniture or other obstructions.
    Physical access limitations may include;
    Height, narrow boundary clearances, thick vegetation, small roof or crawl space, adverse weather conditions.
  3. The report shall identify any area or item within the scope of the inspection that was not inspected and the factor that prevented inspection.
  4. The inspector will not move items of furniture or any other chattel in order to assess an area.
  5. Inclusions list
    1. Biennial electrical safety inspection
    2. Biennial gas safety inspection (if applicable)
    3. Annual smoke alarm inspection
    4. Comprehensive compliance report for electrical safety
    5. Basic servicing of all gas appliances including visual testing, cleaning, assessment of pressures, assessment for any leaks, operation and control valves.
    6. Free call outs for faulty electrical/gas related issues (non recurring issues only)
    7. Replacement batteries of smoke alarms
    8. Replacement of smoke alarms – as required
  6. Exclusions list
    1. Significant or major rectification works.
    2. Fault finding and in-depth assessment of issues/defects.
    3. Assessment of any areas or matters that do not fall within Landmark Inspections direct experience and expertise.
    4. Call out for recurring issues that have not been rectified as per previous recommendation – See call out fee below
Minor repair pricelistCompleted at time of initial assessmentCompleted at additional visit
Smoke alarms
Replacement of battery
Replacement of 1 year battery smoke alarm (supply & install)Free
Additional 1 year battery smoke alarm (supply & install)Free
Replacement of hardwired smoke alarm (supply & install)Free
Additional hardwired smoke alarm (supply & install)$120.00
ElectricalPlus $140 call out fee per additional technician visit.
1Labour (Fault finding) per 10 minute block$23.33
1Standard general power outlet$32.30
1Standard light switch$32.30
1Standard batten holder light fitting$32.30
2Replacement of 70mm downlight with LED downlight & new transformer$74.15
2Standard ceiling exhaust fan$98.75
2RCD/Safety switch replacement of faulty switch$83.12
3Upgrade lighting circuit to RCBO (as required by 03/22)$198.28
4Installation and connection of new earth stake$214.76
GasPlus $140 call out fee per additional technician visit
1Clear minor vegetation around gas meterFree
1Labour (Fault finding) per 10 minute block$23.33
1Engraved metal ID tag for gas meter/appliances in common area$61.85
2Decommission of unsafe gas appliance$66.46
1Installation of a gas isolation valve 15mm$45.38
1Installation of a gas isolation valve 20mm$52.70
4Extend heater platform in roof space (per lineal meter)$131.00
1Secure 100/125mm heater flue$75.86
1Installation of new globe in already connected batten holder$8.00
2Thermocouple replacement$86.76
1Pressure temperature relief valve replacement$140.16
1Pressure temperature relief valve overflow extension$68.12
1Replacement of piezo igniter$57.44
6Storage hot water gas control valve (supply & install)$344.55
1Restraining of hot water unit$36.50
1Replacement of tempering valve (storage/instant only)$125.16
1Replacement of tempering valve (solar only)$150.26
2Replacement of regulator on stove/cooktop$104.46
1Restraining of upright cooker$36.50
6Relocating regulator to accessible location inc supply & install isolation valve$235.00