Smoke alarms
Replacement of batteryFree
Replacement of 1 year battery smoke alarm (supply & install)Free
Additional 1 year battery smoke alarm (supply & install)Free
Replacement of hardwired smoke alarm (supply & install)Free
Additional hardwired smoke alarm (supply & install)TBC starting from $140.00
Labour (Fault finding) per 10 minute block$23.33
Standard general power outlet$32.30
Standard light switch$32.30
Standard batten holder light fitting$32.30
Replacement of 70mm downlight with LED downlight & new transformer$74.15
Standard ceiling exhaust fan$98.75
RCD/Safety switch replacment of faulty switch$83.12
Upgrade lighting circuit to RCBO (as required by 03/22)$198.28
Installation and connection of new earth stake$214.76
Clear minor vegetation around gas meterFree
Labour (Fault finding) per 10 minute block$23.33
Engraved metal ID tag for gas meter/appliances in common area$61.85
Decommission of unsafe gas appliance$66.46
Installation of a gas isolation valve 15mm$45.38
Installation of a gas isolation valve 20mm$52.70
Extend heater platform in roof space (per lineal meter)$131.00
Secure 100/125mm heater flue$75.86
Installation of new globe in already connected batten holder$8.00
Thermocouple replacement$86.76
Pressure temperature relief valve replacement$140.16
Pressure temperature relief valve overflow extension$68.12
Replacement of piezo igniter$57.44
Storage hot water gas control valve (supply & install)$344.55
Restraining of hot water unit$36.50
Replacement of tempering valve (storage/instant only)$125.16
Replacement of tempering valve (solar only)$150.26
Replacement of regulator on stove/cooktop$104.46
Restraining of upright cooker$36.50
Relocating regulator to accessible location inc supply & install isolation valve$235.00

    *All prices listed exclude GST
    ** Prices are calculated on being completed at time of assessment. If additional site visit is required an additional fee of $140 per technician is due
    ** Prices are correct at 30/03/2022. Prices may change without notice.