Our Services

Each and every one of our services are built around our core mission of providing you with the information that you need to achieve the ultimate peace of mind when making your property decisions. For most Australian’s, property is the biggest investment of their lives, and we are here to ensure that your great Australian dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Pre-purchase building inspections

If you are purchasing an existing home, apartment or unit, get the ultimate peace of mind you deserve with Australia’s most comprehensive pre-purchase property inspections. Our inspectors who are all registered builders with 15+ years experience leave no stone unturned, inside and out to ensure that you have the most accurate information regarding the state of the property to avoid any issues down the line.

New home construction stage inspections

If you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a major renovation or new home build, you’ll want to have the confidence it’s being done right the first time. Landmark’s new home construction inspections are a valuable tool to discover any problems with your build at seven key milestones, providing the opportunity to remedy the issues before the next stage commences. Identifying any defects as early as possible can result in the avoidance of not only the additional costs of making-good later, but also major delays to your project.

Timber pest building and property inspections

If you’re considering purchasing a new home or apartment, even if the current owners suspect they have a termite problem, unless they’ve had a professional timber pest inspection conducted themselves, this is not something they are obliged to disclose. Engaging Landmark to conduct a thorough timber pest inspection of your prospective new home will ensure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Did you know by the time timber decay or pest infestations have been discovered in a house, tens of thousands of dollars in damage may have already occurred? If you live in an older property or are in an area prone to termites, our building and timber pest inspection services could save you from having to undertake costly repairs in the future.

Pre-renovation Dilapidation inspections

If you’re planning the renovation of an existing house, one area that is a frequent cause of disagreement between owners and builders is whether particular defects were in existence prior to the renovation or caused during the construction phase. Our dilapidation report services involve us thoroughly investigating and photographing the property to provide you and your builder with a comprehensive account of the state of the property prior to the commencement of the renovation. This can be an invaluable resource to resolve any disputes down the track as it constitutes irrefutable evidence of whether any damage was pre-existing or caused by the builder.

A Landmark Inspection will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

A small investment in a Landmark inspection is a big investment to protect your most valuable financial asset. Our passionate team understands exactly what is at stake, which is why we have designed everything from our service inclusions, to the report delivery times and the ease of reading the report to ensure you have the ultimate peace of mind in the shortest time frame. If building a happy future is important to you and your family, look no further than Landmark Inspections.


Why Choose
Landmark Inspections


  • We identify and notify you of all major and minor structural defects and exactly how to deal with them.
  • We identify conducive conditions that may lead to structural issues and show you how to prevent them.
  • We identify any safety concerns with the house including design flaws and notify you as to whether you should live in the property or not.
  • We follow a checklist of over 250 items throughout the inspection to ensure the entire property is assessed in detail.
  • We provide detailed findings of any defects identified along with high res photos to best inform our clients.
  • We provide peace of mind that the property being purchased is of sound structure or if expensive repairs will be required.


  • We only have highly qualified staff that are experts in building inspections, run by registered builders.
  • We use the latest cutting edge technology to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Our reports are easy to understand and provide a crystal clear roadmap of the next steps.
  • We can turn reports around in as little as 12 hours, with a MAX wait of 24 hours.
  • Our staff are friendly, respectful and courteous.
  • We are available for independent advice and guidance for 12 months after every single inspection.