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How to identify asbestos in your home?

An asbestos assessment is necessary for properties in Melbourne and Victoria, especially if you’re planning a renovation. Landmark Inspections provides prompt asbestos inspections by licensed asbestos assessors.

The best way to prevent water damage in your bathroom

Bathrooms are the one room in your home designed to be exposed to a lot of water. However, despite being meant for water usage, over time, heavy water usage in bathrooms can lead to seeping behind the walls and under the flooring, which later leads to water damage.

Testing for meth (ICE) in a property

Landmark Inspections is again ahead of the industry and one of the first property inspection businesses to offer a laboratory screening method to test for Meth (Ice) contamination in a property.

What is roof sarking?

Roof Sarking, also known as Sisalation Paper, is a layer of material installed underneath the roofing material, typically on the rafters or trusses. It provides extra support and protection for the roof.

What is a timber inspection?

A timber pest inspection is conducted to identify any pest activity or conditions that attract pests including termites, borers and fungal decay.