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What is a rental property electrical safety inspection, and why is it necessary?

It’s always an exciting time when you’re moving into a new rental property. However, have you asked yourself if the property has had its required rental property electrical safety inspection? After all, electricity has mostly evolved into a need rather than a modern convenience.

Of course, when your lights, electrical appliances, and other gadgets are all working properly, it’s easy to feel safe. After all, that’s always a great sign when the underlying electrical work is in good working order, right?

Even when something goes wrong, there is always a simple fix. This can include replacing a light bulb or a broken component in an appliance. Have you never done these before? Well, there’s probably a tutorial on YouTube for that!

In reality, taking such a carefree approach could be a recipe for disaster. Don’t wait until a circuit breaker trips or an electrical failure occurs. We always recommend that our clients arrange regular electrical inspections for their homes every three months.

This ensures that everything is working properly and reduces the likelihood of costly emergency repairs.

At Landmark Inspections Melbourne, we help clients in the Melbourne Victoria area with professional-grade rental property electrical safety inspections. Our professional inspectors are all committed to providing you with peace of mind before moving into your rental property.

Are landlords required to do electrical safety checks?

Landlords or rental providers are now required to conduct rental property electrical safety inspections. This is according to the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2021. This also applies to all electrical installations, appliances, and fixtures in the rental property.

These checks must be performed every two years by a licensed electrician. The landlord must also submit the date of the most recent safety check, in writing, if the renter requests it.

The following information must be included in the electrical safety check record:

  • The name and license number of the electrical contractor or electrician.
  • The date of the electrical safety inspection.
  • The test results must be presented following the guidelines outlined in Section 2 of AS/NZS Standard 3019 “Electrical Installations – Periodic Verification.”

Landlords and rental providers now have additional property maintenance obligations as of March of this year. This is thanks to the amended Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021. This inspection must include all electrical system components, such as installations, fixtures, and appliances.

Get your rental property electrical safety inspection

An electrical safety inspection is required every two years. If the rental property electrical safety inspection has not been performed within the last two years at the time the tenant moves in, it must be completed as soon as possible.

Landmark Inspections provides electrical safety inspections for rental properties. We help Melbourne landlords and rental providers in meeting their legal duties. Our inspections are guaranteed to meet the legal requirements by using digital forms and record-keeping.

With Landmark Inspections, you can be confident that all documentation is correct, in place, and easily accessible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at (03) 9859 7043.